LIVE uncut flower frequencies in pure water

Preserved with a small amount of organic grain spirits

One fluid ounce (30mL.) of liquid drops. Preferable to sip in water, or take straight

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This is a comprehensive 12-15 week program that utilizes 25 of our most important 50 single flower essences. It begins with the first combination essence we created: ReviveAll™.

These FlorAlive® combination essences are presented to you in 5 bottles to be taken sequentially. This provides enormous self-improvement potential combined with tremendous cost savings.(Each bottle can also be purchased separately.)

What you may achieve overall is:

  • Life enhancement from healing emotional abuse and trauma;
  • Personal empowerment, deriving first from the ability to receive love;
  • Better earning capacity and generally increased prosperity;
  • Protection from malevolent forces and intentions.