For Love™

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A master formula to take at the beginning of the FlorAlive® transformation process – either before or after the “starter” combinations, Healing Support™ & ReviveAll™. Helps to open the channels to receive love by clearing disappointment and heartache from loss of people, relationships, and projects we care about deeply. It is a great ANTIDOTE to the FEAR OF ABANDONMENT.

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LIVE uncut flower frequencies in pure water

Preserved with a small amount of organic grain spirits

One fluid ounce (30mL.) of liquid drops. Preferable to sip in water, or take straight



Heartmend™, Flor de la Luna, Flor del Oso, Snowball Flower, Dancing Goddess.

Suggested Use

• overcome deep grief resulting from loss of a loved one or a relationship;
• enable ability to receive love;
• to enhance confidence
• to remove fear of abandonment (men & women).