Freedom is Calling You!

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Cambell (Autodidactic) & Lorenzo (The New NOW)

Each Video will also include a useful pdf worksheet.
Full series is $150USD – Includes Monthly Class Zooms
3 Sections of 3 Videos Each – 9 in Total
‘’Free oneself of the socially ‘encouraged’ herd mentality”

Personal Weekly – Cambell & Lorenzo – Available!
(Full Course Guidance & Support – Email for Details)

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14 reviews for Freedom is Calling You!

  1. T.F

    Such an awesome project.
    If you want to truly see,
    take the course!!!
    You won’t regret it.

  2. Floss

    Very impressed with first 2 videos.
    It’s taken me some time to review myself.
    I think taking time away and then going back was worthwhile.
    This is a lot trickier than I had imagined

  3. V.R.

    Feel like I’m in a new group of friends without even having met anyone yet.
    I long to know me as my authentic self in the world.
    And to connect with others doing the same.
    So glad I found the course.

  4. Elin

    Hi Lorenzo and Cambell!

    Just opened the pdfs and took a gander…
    these questions are freakin’ DEEP! I’ve done plenty of other therapy/healing/goal setting yada yada through out my life, but this reshufles the questions nicely for a fresh look.

    I’m already on the threshold of stepping in to a new version of my life, so this is perfect timing to review, clean up the corners, stir up the mental dust, and really get set for many new doorways ahead.

    Thanks for putting real though and purpose into this course.

  5. Susan

    Good Stuff 👍
    It’s important to know where we have come from and how we were moulded throughout our life to then know where we want to go and what we need to change.
    I am pondering my masks as I get on with my everyday life.

    It’s an honour to be the first.

  6. E.W.

    I think it is beautiful because as you help others (Which I think both Lorenzo and guest are more than qualified to do!!) They’re healing, can point to your healing.
    Bravo, bravo! Excellent work.

  7. J.B.B.

    Take hed folks and dial in your smile knowing you may well need a bit of full tuning or fine tuning, either way you won’t be disappointed.
    Thanks Cambell and Lorenzo, you’re doing us all a great service!

  8. Andy H.

    Thank you both – a good course and well worth the time.
    Take care.

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