Personal Tuning Fork Starter Kit

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The Personal Tuning Fork Starter Kit uses sound and vibration in the form of quality-calibrated, US manufactured tuning forks & tools to assist you in caring for yourself and your family.


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A few customer reviews share how easy-to-use and effective the tools in the kit can be:

"I have been amazed to see how it has calmed my daughter down when she is having a meltdown, quite a transformation and she can use it to self regulate."

"I have used the Om tuners just before bed with self Reiki and I feel so much better when I sleep and awaken the next morning. I definitely will buy again."

Use this kit for Stress Relief, Clearing Space, Calling in Angels, Opening Spiritual Gateways, and Meditation

Kit Includes: (Click on each item for more detailed description)

      • OM Tuner with Long Stem
        • Use for relaxation, meditation, stress relief, acupressure points/pain relief
      • Activator for the OM Tuner
        • Use to easily sound the OM Tuner
      • Pineal Gland Tuning Fork
        • Use to open Spiritual Gateways to Divine Source
      • Crystal Tuner & Quartz Crystal
        • Use for clearing space, working with the angelic realm
      • A Fork in The Road - Audio Book Download
        • David Hulse, Founder of SomaEnergetics, shares his journey to the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies and how they are empowering personal and planetary transformation!  Download available immediately upon checkout.
      • Quick Start Guide
        • Including exercises/techniques

Based on customer input, we have revised this kit.  We noticed that a majority of customers added the Fork In The Road Book and/or the Pineal Gland Fork to their order with the original kit.  So we added them to the kit and removed the following items which are now available separately:

    • LOVE 528 Fork