SomaGlider: Weighted Tuning Fork Attachment



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The SomaGlider is an amazing tuning fork add-on attachment for amplifying the vibrational field when using directly on the physical body.

The SomaGlider can be attached to your OM Tuners, Otto Tuners, Planetary Tuners, Moon and Sun Tuners or the Solfeggio Body Tuners.

The SomaGlider makes it easy to use vibration on larger areas.  Instead of moving the fork point by point around a large area, with the SomaGlider you can just glide along the muscle, sinuses, meridian pathways and around joints.

Use the SomaGlider to assist you in Activating Your Inner Physician:

  • Glide out knots in tight muscles
  • Open clogged sinuses
  • Stimulate meridian pathways
  • Call healing energy to stiff joints

The SomaGlider is a stainless-steel boot that is well-balanced and measures 1" square. It is designed to be attached to the handle of any weighted tuning fork.  It fastens with a small inset screw (2 included for permanent and temporary applications) using an allen wrench (included).

Take your vibrational experience to the next level with the SomaGlider!

Quality manufactured in the USA by Medivibe Technologies.